Three global brokers are pulling away from the pack in the Asian equity research/advisory business—a break from historical patterns characterized by a more gradual slope among major competitors. Credit Suisse, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and...
Investors continue to express frustration with credit market liquidity, but massive efforts undertaken by market participants and service providers are finally starting to ease the pain.
2016 will go down as the Year of the Unexpected, as Brexit, Trump and the Chicago Cubs upended “likely outcomes.”
Although the flow of European fixed-income market share to U.S. competitors slowed considerably last year, the market’s post-crisis evolution is far from complete.
Pay levels in the asset management industry are on the decline in 2016—marking the second consecutive year of reduced compensation for professionals at traditional asset management firms and the third for hedge funds.
A partial retreat in Asia by several global fixed-income dealers does not reflect any diminished growth opportunities—rather the results of hard decisions banks have been forced...

Swaps Investors Explore Liquidity Options

Greenwich Report
December 2016 By: Kevin McPartland
Just as the U.S. swaps market was starting to feel some market structure certainty, the political situation in Washington was upended, bringing uncertainty back.

Anticipating MiFID II

Greenwich Report
November 2016 By: John G. Colon
Though MiFID II implementation is still well over a year away, larger global and European asset managers are already taking actions to address its core requirement to separate payment for research from execution.
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