Long-Term Investors Embrace FX Algos

Greenwich Report
June 2017 By: Richard Johnson
This new Greenwich Report shows how an increased focus on best execution and the growing use of transaction cost analysis (TCA) are fueling the adoption of algorithms in foreign exchange. 
With research fully unbundled from trading, asset managers will select their trading counterparties based solely on their trading prowess. MiFID II regulations also include new rules specifically addressing trading—including new pre- and post-trade...
To increase adoption, speed development and foster community, many blockchain technology companies are deciding to distribute their software as open source.In turn, these companies are exploring new approaches and technologies to cyber-secure this...
Often frustrated by the fragmentation of U.S. equity markets, the buy side has always valued dark pools, where they can source unique liquidity or execute larger block trades. This Greenwich Report provides an in-depth analysis of buy-side dark pool...
The biggest conundrum facing both the buy and sell side in light of MiFID II is how to put a value on research.
Trading corporate bonds is finally getting a little easier and what we are seeing is an adaptation to the current market structure and with that, a smaller but much more efficient buy-side trading desk.

The Voice of Trading

Greenwich Report
May 2017 By: Richard Johnson
Even as trading has become more electronic and geographically diverse, the role of voice communication remains as important a partof the trading process today as it was all those centuries ago. 
This report examines investors’ and liquidity providers’ use of corporate bonds, credit default swaps, total return swaps, ETFs, and futures, and...
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