Greenwich Excellence Awards

Greenwich Excellence Awards are based on more than 30,000 market research interviews with companies in the United States. We present these awards in three major business categories:

  • Small business banking (up to $10 million)
  • Middle market banking ($10 to $500 million)
  • Mid-corporate banking ($500 million to $2 billion) 

The clients of these firms have recognized them as providing superior quality of products, service and coverage.

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For small and middle market banks, we present Excellence Awards in 10 categories at the national level:

Greenwich Excellence

  • Overall Satisfaction
  • Personal Banking—Overall Satisfaction
  • Relationship Manager Performance
  • Credit Policy
  • Financial Stability
  • Treasury Management—Overall Satisfaction
  • Accuracy of Operations
  • Customer Service
  • Product Capabilities
  • Sales Specialist Performance

In addition, we recognize Excellence in Overall Satisfaction and Treasury Management in each of four geographic regions.

The designation of Greenwich Share and Quality Leaders, Excellence Awards and Best Brand Awards reflect solely the views reported to Greenwich Associates by research participants. They do not represent opinions or endorsements by Greenwich Associates or its staff.