Customer Experience Management

Take specific actions to boost profitability

We believe an action-oriented customer experience management (CEM) process is vital to your company's brand health, revenue growth, operational efficiency and profitability. Our CEM solution is all about driving behavioral change that delivers desired business outcomes.

Go beyond traditional customer satisfaction research

Greenwich Action and Insight Management (Greenwich AIM™), features a unique "Closed-Loop®" approach to help you drive action and change to improve your customer experience across all channels and touchpoints. Plus, our unmatched consulting services ensure you can receive all the support you need from one highly respected provider.

When you engage Greenwich Associates for Customer Experience Management, you are committed to creating a customer-centric culture that builds — and monetizes — customer loyalty.

Meet our clients

Businesses large and small, spanning numerous industries, use our CEM solution to transform employee behavior and ultimately increase revenues and profitability. Review our case studies to learn more.


Customer experience management is a journey. Greenwich AIM™ assures your success along every step. Learn more >>