Indian companies are increasingly moving away from the traditional practice of concentrating most of their banking business with their biggest lenders. Instead, they’re seeking out and rewarding banks with the best product/platform capabilities.
Commercial banks’ inability to keep pace with the digital capabilities of consumer platforms like Amazon, Uber and other slick retail banking websites is frustrating U.S. executives, who continue to struggle with cumbersome and often manual...

The Analytics Arms Race

Greenwich Report
April 2018 By: Duncan Banfield
In banking, the analytics arms race is on. Commercial and business banks are late to the analytics party, as advanced analytics have been adopted at a much faster rate in a range of other industries...
Asia’s corporate banking market as a whole is in the midst of an accelerated evolution, as large companies and a growing list of global, regional and domestic banks work to sort out who is—and who wants to be—relevant to whom.
After weathering the chaos of the financial crisis and the subsequent restructuring of the European banking industry, Europe’s largest companies are enjoying a welcome phase of stability in their banking relationships.
The best U.S. banks are getting better. At the top of the list of the 2017 winners are Frost Bank, Regions Bank, Hancock Whitney and...
The future of banking might be digital, but branch service continues to play an important role in small business banking. 
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