Good customer experience is easy to recognize but can be difficult to deliver. For that reason, Greenwich Associates is launching Greenwich CX Leaders—an award recognizing leadership in the increasingly important field of customer experience.
Announcing the 2018 Greenwich Excellence Awards for Large Corporate Trade Finance... More than 270 banks were evaluated and six had distinctive quality... 
While it remains too early to assess the exact impact on the world’s economy, trade disputes and new trade barriers are adding uncertainties for corporates worldwide and are likely to have an impact on the broader trade finance landscape.
The U.S. corporate banking market is on the cusp of a revolution, with relationship strength and wallet allocation increasingly driven by effective process digitization.
Despite senior-level commitment to improving the customer experience and big investments, 86% of bank customer experience professionals say their banks do not get much value from their customer experience programs. 
Indian companies are increasingly moving away from the traditional practice of concentrating most of their banking business with their biggest lenders. Instead, they’re seeking out and rewarding banks with the best product/platform capabilities.
Commercial banks’ inability to keep pace with the digital capabilities of consumer platforms like Amazon, Uber and other slick retail banking websites is frustrating U.S. executives, who continue to struggle with cumbersome and often manual...

The Analytics Arms Race

Greenwich Report
April 2018 By: Duncan Banfield
In banking, the analytics arms race is on. Commercial and business banks are late to the analytics party, as advanced analytics have been adopted at a much faster rate in a range of other industries...
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