While the EFM software looked compelling in sales presentations, too often these products have failed to live up to the promise—even after companies spent a year or more to install the software and up to three years to fully implement the system.

The Future of the Banker

Greenwich Report
November 2017 By: Donald M. Raftery
Dramatic advances in artifical intelligence (AI) are quickly changing this technology from a banking buzzword to a critical capability that helps drive better outcomes for clients.
Banks that limit their customer experience management (CEM) programs to “front-office” or customer-facing staff are not addressing every element that affects customers.
In this paper, we will show how commercial banks can employ CEM principles and techniques to energize internal referral processes to boost new customer acquisition and expand share of wallet with existing clients.
While many banks and financial institutions cite loyalty or customer experience as top strategic priorities, surprisingly few firms are fully realizing the potential value from their programs.

Employee Alignment

Greenwich Report
January 2017 By: Jacqueline M. Vose
Even organizations that spend significant resources on customer experience management (CEM) programs often focus their efforts exclusively on front-line staff and procedures while excluding back-office and other non-customer-facing functions.
Chris McDonnell shares information on why digital capabilities are a key factor for wholesale executives in their bank selection process. 
Don Raftery shows how intellectual capital will help bankers and relationship managers continue to be a critical part of a bank's core value in the years to come. 

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