The Future of Banking: 2025

Greenwich Report
May 2016 By: Donald M. Raftery
Banks today feel like analog players in an increasingly digital world. Yet change is coming fast: Within the next decade, they will feel and operate more like tech companies with banking licenses. Buyers of wholesale banking services have started...
Use SMART Principles to devise, implement and maintan a CEM-driven organizational process to drive real cultural change to improve client experience.
Banks that limit their customer experience management (CEM) programs to “front-office” or customer-facing staff are not addressing every element that affects customers.
Learn the five main stages of the Customer Experience Development process and how to measure the success of your CE program.
See why shared accountability is a key aspect of every successful CEM program.
Our new paper, Commercial Banks, CEM and Winning in Wealth Management, outlines how to make the most of the growing wealth management market.

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