After nearly a decade of disruption and uncertainty, buy-side trading desks are finally finding a new equilibrium.
Given the myriad benefits that algos offer, FX traders currently not using algos (and not considering them) may soon have to determine whether they’re putting themselves at a disadvantage by not leveraging all the available tools...
Banks around the world are upgrading the talent and technology of their fixed-income platforms to take full advantage when volatility returns and client trading activity and revenues grow as a result. 

Top Market Structure Trends for 2018

Greenwich Report
January 2018 By: Kevin McPartland
2017 was politically strange, economically strong and eerily calm. President Trump attempted to govern the U.S. in ways never before seen and often hard to imagine. Britain seemed to second-guess their choice to leave the EU while carrying on...
Close to a half trillion dollars in U.S. Treasury bonds trade every day, and Greenwich Associates estimates over two-thirds of this volume trades electronically.

A Bright Future for FX Futures

Greenwich Report
December 2017 By: David Stryker
In the face of the growth in FX futures trading, Greenwich Associates examines and assesses the potential economic benefits of utilizing futures as an alternative to trading in the OTC markets.

The Benefits of Trader Augmentation

Greenwich Report
November 2017 By: Kevin McPartland
Fixed-income dealers are spending $15-$20 billion a year on RegTech, or regulatory technology, that helps them comply with the raft of regulations covering their trading desks. 
The mood among fixed-income dealers in Asia has turned decidedly upbeat.
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