Trading in the interdealer and dealer-to-customer markets have been examined seperately for decades, those previously well-defined distinctions are starting to fade.
Regulatory changes and difficult market conditions have made European fixed income a more challenging business for banks.
Asset managers looking to win retail investment assets must become more nimble and responsive to shifts in a global markets, according to banks, financial advisors, insurers and other companies that distribute retail investment funds across Europe...
Volatility and slowed business momentum has added uncertainty and introduced an element of downside risk that could push final pay numbers lower if markets remain unsettled.
Emerging market fixed-income trading volumes are projected to be on the rise in the next year, and a growing share of those trades will be executed electronically.
This report examines the current state of the fixed-income business, top concerns of both large and middle-market dealers, technology priorities, and the most likely path forward.
Technology has been both the cause and effect of massive change across the capital markets. Whereas technology was once fighting to keep up with the demands of the business, trading desk heads today often struggle to keep up with the latest and...

All Against All or Winner Take All

Greenwich Report
October 2018 By: Ken Monahan
The FX market offers a plethora of counterparties and trading protocols – but how do market participants go about choosing among them?
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