Trading in the interdealer and dealer-to-customer markets have been examined seperately for decades, those previously well-defined distinctions are starting to fade.
Regulatory changes and difficult market conditions have made European fixed income a more challenging business for banks.
The new Greenwich Report investigates outsourced trading and the perception of U.S. institutional asset management and hedge fund professionals toward this growing industry. 
Banks from around the world continue to invest in the Asian fixed-income market, despite a lull in trading activity that made it tough to make money in 2018, and with an eye toward the fast-growing Chinese bond market as well as China-based...
Volatility and slowed business momentum has added uncertainty and introduced an element of downside risk that could push final pay numbers lower if markets remain unsettled.
Greenwich Associates takes a look at the Direct Exchange Feeds and SIPs in this most recent market data research.
In this report, we identify those top dealers and present the list of 2018 Greenwich Share and Quality Leaders in Flow Equity Derivatives, including Equity Options & Volatility Products, Equity Swaps and Equity Futures, in Europe and North America. 
After seeing declines in the volume of structured products distributed to retail and high net worth individuals last year, volumes in 2018 increased to just over $48 billion (annualized).
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