Technology has been both the cause and effect of massive change across the capital markets. Whereas technology was once fighting to keep up with the demands of the business, trading desk heads today often struggle to keep up with the latest and...

Building Blockchains

Greenwich Awards
October 2018 By: Richard Johnson
In this report, we look at some of the key technical challenges executives are facing and analyze their approach to solving them.

All Against All or Winner Take All

Greenwich Report
October 2018 By: Ken Monahan
The FX market offers a plethora of counterparties and trading protocols – but how do market participants go about choosing among them?
Nearly half of institutional equity investors globally are expected to ask their brokers for customized algorithms next year—a percentage that shows just how fast equity execution technology is evolving, and how hard brokers must work to keep pace.
Explicit unbundling of research/advisory payment and “best execution” moved to the fore after MiFID II’s implementation in January 2018.
The U.S. Treasury market structure has been heavily influenced by the clearing arrangements that serve as its foundation. Those arrangements, and the market structure itself, could be on the verge of rapid and dramatic change. 
Trading and investing would grind to a halt without market data. Alternative data is shaking up the investing landscape, and order management systems are increasingly instrumental. Both would lose much of their luster, however, if not accompanied by...

The Institutionalization of Cryptocurrency

Greenwich Report
September 2018 By: Richard Johnson
This year’s massive cryptocurrency sell-off has done little to dampen the enthusiasm of players seeking to create a more institution-friendly environment for crypto investing.
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