Have Emerging Markets Emerged?

Greenwich Report
February 2017 By: William Llamas
In Q4 of 2016, Greenwich Associates conducted 181 online interviews across North America, Europe and Asia to bring clarity to the commission rates firms pay for equity trades. The result is a truly comprehensive view across 77 MSCI-defined developed...
Global fixed-income electronic trading rose 1% on a volume-weighted basis in 2016 compared to the previous year, with 46% of investors trading at least some of their volume electronically. In 2016, Greenwich Associates interviewed 3,650 fixed-...

Trading the Auctions

Greenwich Report
February 2017 By: Richard Johnson
The exchange-operated opening and closing auctions or “crosses” are becoming an increasingly important part of the trading day...

Alternative Data for Alpha

Greenwich Report
January 2017 By: Kevin McPartland
The buy side today has access to data and information that would have been unheard of 20 years ago. Whereas in the past they relied primarily on research and information from their sell-side trading counterparties, today they have as much, if not...

Control and Transparency

Greenwich Report
January 2017 By: Richard Johnson
Find out how the changing role of buy-side traders will impact how they evaluate, select and reallocate commissions to brokers.
Three global brokers are pulling away from the pack in the Asian equity research/advisory business—a break from historical patterns characterized by a more gradual slope among major competitors.
Investors continue to express frustration with credit market liquidity, but massive efforts undertaken by market participants and service providers are finally starting to ease the pain.
Although the flow of European fixed-income market share to U.S. competitors slowed considerably last year, the market’s post-crisis evolution is far from complete.
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