Separating Industry-Leading Capabilities from Marketing Hype

New economy companies (Amazon, Uber, Venmo, etc.) are contributing to rapidly increasing client expectations. People’s comfort with data, analytics, and AI in their personal lives is increasingly notable.

With more companies relying on banks to be strategic advisors and expecting processes to be streamlined and cycle times to be shortened, this is an opportunity for banks to win business by differentiating their sales force with tools that enable product, solutions and insights-based selling.

Our Digitization of Sales Enablement Tools Benchmarking program helps banks to prioritize investment spend by allowing management teams to:

  • Discover where they are on their digitization journey
  • See capability gaps today, one year out, two years out and beyond
  • Gain insight into which capabilities peers are developing internally vs. externally

Sales Enablement Capabilities

Topics include:

  • Product, solutions, and insights-based selling
  • BI inputs and where sourced
  • AI integration and insights delivered
  • ROI and tool adoption

  • Company-level wallet sizing
  • Predictive analytics to inform pre-call planning
  • And much more

Participation is easy and anonymous.

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