Greenwich Fee Clearinghouse is an online pricing discovery tool that provides unparalleled transparency into institutional negotiated fee levels.

As evolving product preferences and heightened competition drive rapid shifts in fee levels, the Greenwich Fee Clearinghouse service provides unparalleled transparency into current ‘market clearing’ pricing levels.

Managers can avoid mispricing new business, inform strategic pricing analyses and view trended, negotiated fee levels for all client types - not just public funds - using an easy-to-use, customizable reporting tool.

Fee Clearinghouse Offering Details

Searchable Reporting Tool Customize search parameters to isolate only the most relevant and timely fee benchmarking data.
On-demand Access Access real-time fee trends across a broad range of asset classes and product categories.
Data Analysis Download search details into Excel for use in internal pricing analysis or discussions.
Easy Submission Process Submitting details about recent wins completed trhough quick, easy online submission form.
Guaranteed Anonymity We will protect the identity of all information provided through the submission process.

Mandate-Specific Variables

  • Asset class
  • Product
  • Vehicle
  • Decision date
  • Performance fees
  • Custom reporting and servicing required
  • Seed or scale discounts offered
  • Recent investment performance (1, 3, and 5 years)
  • Fee re-negotiation

Client-Specific Variables

  • Geographic location of the asset owner
  • Consultant participation, including the specific consultant used
  • Asset owner type/channel
  • Current relationship status