Three hundred and thirty eight small and mid-sized business executives shared their views on important and timely topics facing their businesses.
Good customer experience is easy to recognize but can be difficult to deliver. For that reason, Greenwich Associates is launching Greenwich CX Leaders—an award recognizing leadership in the increasingly important field of customer experience.
Despite senior-level commitment to improving the customer experience and big investments, 86% of bank customer experience professionals say their banks do not get much value from their customer experience programs. 
While the EFM software looked compelling in sales presentations, too often these products have failed to live up to the promise—even after companies spent a year or more to install the software and up to three years to fully implement the system.

The Future of the Banker

Greenwich Report
November 2017 By: Donald M. Raftery
Dramatic advances in artifical intelligence (AI) are quickly changing this technology from a banking buzzword to a critical capability that helps drive better outcomes for clients.
Planning your CX Program for 2019? You should focus on these 3 best practices...
Jackie Vose explains how to take action on the customer experience data you have collected to make your CX program a success.
Chris McDonnell shares information on why digital capabilities are a key factor for wholesale executives in their bank selection process. 

New Greenwich Award!

We recently launched the Greenwich CX Leader Awards to recognize banks for their leadership in the increasingly important field of customer experience.

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