Consultants & Analysts

Lauren Anderson

Vice President, Markets

Gaurav Arora

Principal, Asia-Pacific, Banking, Markets

Ronald Balmer

Managing Director, Customer Experience

Parijat Banerjee

Principal, Markets and Investment Management

James A. (Jay) Bennett Jr.

Managing Director, Markets

Mark Buckley

Principal, Investment Management

Melanie Casalis

Vice President, Banking

John G. Colon

Managing Director, Banking, Markets

Daniel J. Connell

Managing Director, Market Structure and Technology

Frank H. Feenstra

Managing Director, Markets

John Feng

Managing Director, Markets

Susan Gould

Associate Consultant

Emmett Higdon

Director of Mobile - Javelin Strategy & Research

Thomas Jacques

Principal, Markets

Jacob Jegher

President, Head of Javelin Strategy & Research

Richard Johnson

Principal, Market Structure and Technology


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