Our Digital Transformation Benchmarking solution helps management teams prioritize large, important and competing technology investment decisions and maximize ROI.

Do you the information you need to decide:

Digital Transformation Assessment

Overall Strategic Assessment

  • Greenwich Digital Transformation Index across front, middle and back office
  • Comparison to global best-in-class and peer group
  • Overall digital maturity pathway and market trends
  • Consultative discussions with bank Executive Team and key leaders

Individual Digital Workflow Assessments

  • Modules include: Digital Channels, Salesforce Enablement, Credit Underwriting & Servicing, Payments, and Onboarding
  • Digitization benchmarking for each module
  • Comparison to peer group best-in-class
  • Individual module maturity pathways and market trends
  • Assessment of third-party digital solutions providers including prevalence and satisfaction rates among peers

Technology Roadmap

Ever wonder how your technology roadmap compares to your peers? With our Digital Transformation Benchmarking solution you will have the ability to see exactly where you are and where you are going relative to your peers. Participating is easy and anonymous.

Greenwich Digital Transformation Assessment