Latin American institutions continue to adopt ETFs at record levels.
Institutional investors are increasingly looking to their most trusted asset managers for market research, and are more now than ever finding that content via social media. 
Institutional allocations to exchange-traded funds (ETFs) rapidly grew last year, driven in large part by investors repositioning their portfolios in the face of an increasingly volatile and fast-changing market environment and the continued shift...
Investments in ETFs by U.S. Institutions increased significantly in 2018, with average allocations jumping to nearly 25% of total assets, up from almost 19% in 2017.
ETFs have long been used by insurance companies for equity exposure, but a change in the statutory accounting treatment of fixed income ETFs has helped open up the rest of an insurance company’s general account for increased use of the vehicle.

U.S. RIAs Expand Their Use of ETFs

Greenwich Report
December 2018 By: Andrew McCollum
Learn about the major trends fueling the expansion of ETFs within the investment portfolios of U.S. RIAs, and how they will impact future investments and portfolio allocations.
Asset managers looking to win retail investment assets must become more nimble and responsive to shifts in a global markets, according to banks, financial advisors, insurers and other companies that distribute retail investment funds across Europe...
Over the first half of 2018, Greenwich Associates conducted a unique global research initiative aimed at better understanding institutional attitudes and needs around environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing.

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