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According to a report by Greenwich Associates, approximately 80% of buy-side order flow for equities is handled by trading algorithms and smart-order routers, which aim to help traders navigate through today’s fragmented marketplace. 

En estos instrumentos se gestionan casi cuatro billones de dólares, y es el único producto que crece a tasas superiores al 10 por ciento, señala una investigación realizada por Greenwich Associates y el fondo de inversiones BlackRock.

McPartland said: “The buyside have order and execution management systems in place that are integral to their workflows. Making a change is not a non-trivial event.”

In research with 323 managers in a December report by Greenwich on transaction cost analysis, 30% said they use a TCA tool in FX. That's up from 22% three years earlier. “The growth is modest, but the fact that there's growth at all says something...

"...concentration isn’t necessarily good or bad – it just is.  But if the concentration is all with only one firm, the industry should reassess its options," says Kevin McPartland.

As Tobias Miarka noted, “These risks are much on the mind of corporate executives, but companies have taken little or no action to mitigate them.”


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