With no sign of abating globally, the impact of the coronavirus is testing the support that asset managers provide to investment consultants.
Many asset owners and investment consultants have begun to reassess the optimal level of China exposure in their portfolios and how to best achieve this objective.
Most experts are predicting a global recession on the horizon. While this is entirely unwelcome news, a global recession is at least familiar territory.
In dark periods like this, asset managers that step up to the plate and offer compassionate, relevant and reassuring advice can stand out as shiny beacons of hope.
Institutional investments in liquid alternative ETFs will more than double in the next 12 months.

Peak Performance: What the Buy Side Expects from their Algos

Greenwich Report
October 2019 By: Richard Johnson
Trading is now a highly complex and data-driven activity. U.S. equity markets comprise dozens of execution venues, each with different liquidity characteristics, order types, fee structures, and latency differentials.
At the heart of today’s fierce competition among global FX dealers is the fact that market participants are getting more sophisticated about how and where they execute their trades.

FX API Aggregators and Anonymous ECNs

Greenwich Report
October 2019 By: Ken Monahan
This Greenwich Report examines the role that API aggregators play and why they are an increasingly critical part of the FX electronic trading story.
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