Institutional investors are leaving money on the table by using familiar investment vehicles like bonds without first looking to see if they could obtain the same exposure more efficiently with another product like an ETF or a future. 
Institutional investors increased their annual spending on risk and analytics platforms to $700 million, as “risk tech” expenditures nearly doubled to 10% of total buy-side trading desk technology budgets in 2017.
A decade on from the financial crisis, which triggered the bond-dealer balance sheet reduction, institutional corporate bond investors are finally feeling some liquidity relief. Electronic trading over the past few years has eased the buy side’s...
For European fixed-income market participants, 2017 was the “year of compliance.” MiFID II has arrived and, as one of the most significant regulatory changes in the history of the financial industry, it impacts nearly every facet of the fixed-income...
For centuries, corporate and consumer lending has followed a traditional model in which financial institutions act as centralized counterparties, making loans funded by deposits. 

TCA Usage on Equity Desks

Greenwich Report
February 2018 By: Richard Johnson
Transaction cost analysis (TCA) is now an essential tool on most equity desks, where traders leverage it to help them understand trading performance, optimize routing, and to see how they stack up against their peers.
The current method for developing and deploying software within large financial services institutions has changed little over the last twenty years and is archaic when compared to the rapid innovation that is delivered seamlessly to our consumer-...
After nearly a decade of disruption and uncertainty, buy-side trading desks are finally finding a new equilibrium.

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