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Regtech Evolution in Buy-Side Compliance

Greenwich Report
February 2021 By: Danielle Tierney
Increased adoption of surveillance and monitoring technology on the buy side has accompanied a rise in third-party solutions tailored to the buy side’s unique scalability and functionality—and not at all coincidentally.
The new year started off at full speed, with the market drivers of 2020—politics, monetary policy, fiscal policy, and the COVID-19 vaccine—continuing to move markets in 2021.
The new year started off with a frenzy of activity across markets, and U.S. corporate bonds were no exception.

The Outsourced Trading Evolution Continues

Greenwich Report
February 2021 By: Shane Swanson
A pandemic. A historic market rout. A historic market rally. An election. Outsourced trading. One of these things does not belong. Or does it?
We believe that the adoption of TCA, especially with enhanced institutional data and greater utilization across the enterprise, will benefit significantly from the trend toward the greater use of analytics across the trading desk.
What a year. U.S. corporate bond markets went from bid-ask spreads jumping over 1,000% between late February and late March to a market in which new issuance and electronic-trading adoption hit record levels.
The U.S. Treasury market in 2020 cannot be measured based solely on the extraordinary activity of the spring.
No one will ever claim that 2020 was a dull year. In this report, we look at U.S. equity market structure topics such as expanding equity exchanges and Reg NMS 2.0 proposals.

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