Market Data Seeds the Cloud

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September 2020 By: Shane Swanson
Over time, the market has come to embrace cloud in more and more aspects of trading technology. Processing large sets of data and calculation of computationally intense formulas (or both) are common uses of cloud. 
The last four months of 2020 bring with them a U.S. presidential election, hope for a vaccine and talk of new fiscal stimulus - all of which play a role in the direction of U.S. Treasury Markets.
What was true in August was also true of e-trading; the overall level of e-trading more or less tracked the level of trading itself.

The Fixed-Income Trading System Evolution

Greenwich Report
September 2020 By: Kevin McPartland
There is no lack of information today, but gathering it, analyzing it and acting on it still requires new technology and the wherewithal to use it. 
So where are financial advisors turning for information? The recent mandatory work-from-home response has led to more flexibility around when and where people are working.
The persistent growth trajectory of the trade surveillance technology market has surprised many industry participants.
Activity in U.S. credit markets slowed significantly in July, with the declines in activity gathering pace after the relatively mild decline from May to June.
U.S. Treasury market activity remained notably muted in July, ADV was down 22% from June. We continue to examine the impact of COVID-19 on the U.S. Treasury market.

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