Electronification has created opportunities and perhaps the most interesting and most analyzed second-order effect is the spread of algorithmic trading.

Trends of Buy-Side Trading Desk Spending

Greenwich Report
March 2020 By: Brad Tingley
With the buy side trading desk allocating just over one-third of its budget to technology, traders have more tools and flexibility than ever at their disposal.

Equity TCA Benchmarking: 2020

Greenwich Report
March 2020 By: Shane Swanson
Buy-side firms are increasingly willing to invest in a TCA platform rather than make do with free services or proprietary tools.
Despite huge volume jumps in other markets, U.S. corporate bond volumes grew only slightly in February compared to the same period in 2019 as measured...
Derivatives help a wide range of end users manage risks and improve returns. 
Coronavirus uncertainty kicked-in in earnest the week of February 18th causing volume and volatility to spike.
Greenwich Associates reflects on the change to zero trading commissions by the major retail brokerages and its impact on retail trading and execution.
Fixed-income dealers’ response to long-term challenges facing the industry could be working to the advantage of global investors.
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