Indian regulators are now putting in place reforms that may serve as the foundation for the country’s financial sector for decades to come.
In an era of “Know Your Customer” and other strict documentation requirements, large European companies are crying out for digital solutions that make it easier for them to do business with their banks. 
Large Asian companies are kicking off a large-scale drive to use new digital technology to make their treasury and banking operations better, cheaper, faster, and more transparent.
In addition to the oncoming slowdown in economic growth, volatile financial markets and a dangerous trade war between the United States and China, corporate banks competing in Asia are having to navigate another major challenge: keeping corporate...
U.S. banks are making a major push for the banking business of Europe’s largest companies.
While it remains too early to assess the exact impact on the world’s economy, trade disputes and new trade barriers are adding uncertainties for corporates worldwide and are likely to have an impact on the broader trade finance landscape.
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