Purpose-Driven Branding

Greenwich Report
July 2020
Institutional investors are considering brand strength more than ever when picking asset managers—and the COVID-19 crisis has intensified the importance of not just strength but also brand trustworthiness, authenticity, and purpose, putting asset...
The COVID-19 pandemic has given the biggest brands in asset management an advantage in the race to claim a share of the growing pool of assets allocated to external managers by institutions in Asia.
Amid the current focus on investor innovation in data analytics to gain an edge in their portfolios, there is another area in which asset managers are using analytics to create a competitive advantage: sales.
We believe that the COVID-19 crisis is a seminal event for the asset management industry from which a new world order will arise...
The crisis will accelerate the trend toward environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing, with much more emphasis on the social “S”, particularly outside North America...
No matter how comfortable you felt in a virtual environment prior to the current crisis, by now you are likely much more confident in your own digital fluency...
As the lockdown gradually eases in many countries, institutional investors are increasingly reviewing opportunistic as well as strategic investment options.
The coronavirus has interrupted businesses and made the process of maintaining personal connections more challenging. Asset managers have responded rapidly by shifting...

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