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Client Segmentation in Asset Management

Greenwich Report
February 2021 By: Mark Buckley
Asset managers are discovering a new tool in the fight for increased profitability in an increasingly competitive institutional market: persona client segmentation.
A small group of asset managers—including Allianz Global Investors, J.P. Morgan Asset Management and Pictet Asset Management in Europe, and Allianz Global Investors in Asia—have set themselves apart from competitors by helping fund platforms and...
The economic consequences of COVID-19 could represent an existential crisis for some asset management firms, forcing managers around the world to make hard strategic choices to protect their businesses.
Whether utilizing or taking advantage of cloud technology, artificial intelligence (AI) or process automation, financial services firms are embracing innovation to propel their organizations into the new decade.
So where are financial advisors turning for information? The recent mandatory work-from-home response has led to more flexibility around when and where people are working.
Throughout these tumultuous conditions, a small group of leading managers have strengthened their positions in the European market. These managers have one thing in common: They all had best-in-class client service infrastructure in place before the...
The 2020 Greenwich Quality Leaders℠ in U.K. Institutional Investment Management Service are Baillie Gifford, Insight Investment, and Legal...

Purpose-Driven Branding

Greenwich Report
July 2020
Institutional investors are considering brand strength more than ever when picking asset managers—and the COVID-19 crisis has intensified the importance of not just strength but also brand trustworthiness, authenticity, and purpose, putting asset...

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