Active managers recognize the importance of benchmark data to their business, but asset management executives think they can and should be deriving even more value.
Examine the causes and consequences of fee compression in the asset management industry and learn how our Fee Clearinghouse service can help managers win more mandates, grow revenues and maintain profit margins.
German institutional investors face the same challenges as those affecting their peers throughout Europe—but more extreme.
The 2019 Greenwich Quality Leaders℠ in U.K. Institutional Investment Management Service are Baillie Gifford and Insight Investment.
In a clear sign of the times, European institutional investors say they are twice as likely to hire a new asset manager in private equity as in public European equities in the coming year.
Asian institutional assets, which traditionally have been concentrated in the portfolios of a relative handful of behemoths, are spreading to a broader universe of institutions.
Investment managers are well-advised to evaluate their own ability to rebound from change, including the tools and resources they have in place, and the steps that they are taking to continue to develop this capability.
Allocations to ETFs in Asian institutional portfolios increased sharply last year, rising to 23% of total assets in 2018 from 14% in 2017 for ETF investors among the 51 institutions participating in Greenwich Associates most recent Asian Exchange-...

2019 Competitive Challenges Conference

Challenge & Change:
Igniting a Metrics-Minded Approach

Join senior leaders from the asset management community at our 16th annual conference!

Keynote speakers:

  • Brian Casey (President and Chief Executive Officer, Westwood Management Group)
  • Mark McCombe (Chief Client Officer, BlackRock)
  • Jennifer Murphy (Chief Operating Officer, Western Asset Management)
  • Shundrawn Thomas (President of Asset Management, Northern Trust Asset Management)
Date October 16-17, 2019
Location The Langham, Chicago
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