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The disruption that is 2020 may have slowed some market participants' streaming efforts despite what feels like an inevitable evolution forward.
The most interesting element of October for electronic trading of corporate bonds was the sharp increase in Tradeweb volumes.
Historical highs and lows in the U.S. corporate and municipal bond markets punctuated all of 2020. The markets swung from record volumes and volatility in the spring to unnerving calm in the summer.
The day-to-day aspects of the FX market have largely returned to normal from the periods of high volatility and volume and wide spreads seen earlier in the year. But what about the structure of the FX market as a whole?

The Fixed-Income Trading System Evolution

Greenwich Report
September 2020 By: Kevin McPartland
There is no lack of information today, but gathering it, analyzing it and acting on it still requires new technology and the wherewithal to use it. 
The persistent growth trajectory of the trade surveillance technology market has surprised many industry participants.
In this Greenwich Report we look back at 2019 and attempt to peer past the coronavirus veil of uncertainty. We also examine how the buy side interacted electronically in 2019 and provide some insight into how that may change in 2020.
Although the prospect of an FTT for the U.S. has been proposed multiple times since the 60s, it has never gained significant traction. The idea is often raised in the context of how to pay for other programs.
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