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What a year. U.S. corporate bond markets went from bid-ask spreads jumping over 1,000% between late February and late March to a market in which new issuance and electronic-trading adoption hit record levels.
The U.S. Treasury market in 2020 cannot be measured based solely on the extraordinary activity of the spring.
No one will ever claim that 2020 was a dull year. In this report, we look at U.S. equity market structure topics such as expanding equity exchanges and Reg NMS 2.0 proposals.
The ramifications of new equity exchanges, an increasingly tech-heavy fixed-income market, spending on surveillance technology, clearing and continued cloud adoption are some of the big themes we see shaping 2021.
Top-level measures of electronic trading usage could lead you to believe that pre-COVID habits are back.
It's easy to see the credit e-trading landscape as a contest between the two giants, but this is not always the case.
The shareholder litigation landscape is rapidly changing across the globe.

U.S. Capital Markets Performance During COVID: Foreign Exchange

Greenwich Report
December 2020 By: Ken Monahan
FX markets continued to function even in the depth of the crisis, with market makers staying active and electronic marketplaces continuing to operate well despite spikes in volume.
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