Greenwich Associates reflects on the change to zero trading commissions by the major retail brokerages and its impact on retail trading and execution.
Fixed-income dealers’ response to long-term challenges facing the industry could be working to the advantage of global investors.
Just as markets are never static, the same is true for market structure. New technologies, products, business practices, and competitive dynamics continually change the nature of markets.
Trading and investment ideas are increasingly being extracted from mountains of data in ways that were virtually impossible only five years ago.
Institutions are increasingly attracted to ETFs as a cheap and efficient means of taking on the both tactical and strategic exposures needed for portfolio construction and adjustment.
U.S. banks continue to rank on top in European fixed income and some captured meaningfully more market share this year. 

The Automation of the Bond Market

Greenwich Report
January 2020 By: Kevin McPartland
The corporate bond market's evolution in 2019 was notable. Electronic trading of investment-grade corporate bonds grew 39% between January and November 2019.
These are our biggest market structure trends to watch in 2020.
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