If you are a senior-level finance executive in a corporation, you can give your feedback about the quality of products and services you are receiving from your bank and non-bank providers. 

In exchange for your time, you will have access to peer-based market intelligence that will help you make better decisions for your firm and your providers will have what they need to make important improvements in their service to you. 

Benchmark Against Your Peers

As a participant in our research you join your peers as a member of the Greenwich Exchange. The data, analysis, insights, best practices and knowledge available to you can help you maximize your organization’s spend on financial services.
Bank scorecard that correlates your answers to your peers to refine your knowledge of banks' strengths and weakness and how your organization accesses banking services relative to the market.
Acknowledge top banks by market share and overall quality in cash management, corporate banking, capital markets, trade finance, and foreign exchange.
Reports benchmark salary and bonus data by title, geography and other compensation metrics for staffing, budgeting and personal benchmarking.
Deliver complete research results through intuitive tables and graphics. Our reports, insights and market pulses highlight key trends from seasoned consultants and industry professionals.
Analysts are available to customize our data and metrics for your specific needs.

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