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The disruption that is 2020 may have slowed some market participants' streaming efforts despite what feels like an inevitable evolution forward.
The most interesting element of October for electronic trading of corporate bonds was the sharp increase in Tradeweb volumes.
Historical highs and lows in the U.S. corporate and municipal bond markets punctuated all of 2020. The markets swung from record volumes and volatility in the spring to unnerving calm in the summer.
On the long list of things that remain uncertain in the world, U.S. interest rates are not one of them.
While trading was interesting, credit market structure was more a story of the dogs that didn't bark.
Defining electronic trading matters. It matters not just to market observers, but it matters to the market itself. At a macro level, the continued electronification of the fixed-income market is good for investors, but measuring exactly whom it's...

The Fixed-Income Trading System Evolution

Greenwich Report
September 2020 By: Kevin McPartland
There is no lack of information today, but gathering it, analyzing it and acting on it still requires new technology and the wherewithal to use it. 
Global markets liquidity came under extreme pressure in late February and early March as fear and uncertainty gripped the world. Market infrastructure, meanwhile, held up remarkably well. The swaps market, however, was not immune to liquidity...
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