Volumes dropped steadily throughout April as markets came to grips with the new normal: Fed intervention and what is likely to be a prolonged global crisis.
After the rollercoaster of March, which experienced first a panic among investors, then a rush to funding by corporates, followed by unprecedented central bank and fiscal support for markets and the economy, many looked forward to April as a return...
One person's struggle is another's opportunity - weaving the fixed income market into something that feels like a single interface remains challenging but is increasingly obtainable.
March 2020 was a historic month for markets, one to be examined for years if not decades to come.
For years it has seemed as if the only thing that might turn the credit cycle was an exogenous shock. The shock has arrived.

The Future of Trading: The People

Greenwich Report
April 2020 By: Kevin McPartland
Technology innovation isn't just about complete automation, but helping to make capital markets interactions between people more efficient.
Many asset owners and investment consultants have begun to reassess the optimal level of China exposure in their portfolios and how to best achieve this objective.
Despite huge volume jumps in other markets, U.S. corporate bond volumes grew only slightly in February compared to the same period in 2019 as measured...
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