The Mortgage Market's Data Challenge

Greenwich Report
October 2019 By: Kevin McPartland
Greater data quality and data analysis is crucial to growing the mortgage market beyond its current state, but these obstacles have made the mortgage market a price case for the use of machine learning and big data.
Active managers recognize the importance of benchmark data to their business, but asset management executives think they can and should be deriving even more value.

Defining Fixed-Income Data

Greenwich Report
July 2019 By: Kevin McPartland
The fixed-income market is an incredibly diverse amalgamation of securities and asset types.

Demystifying Alternative Data

Greenwich Report
May 2019 By: Richard Johnson
Alternative data has been around for at least a decade, but an increase in adoption is making it less “alternative” and a more essential part of portfolio construction. 
Market structure change over the past decade has been directly or indirectly catalyzed by the credit crisis of 2008. That post-credit crisis era is now over. Here are the Top 9 Market Structure Trends for 2019 from Greenwich Associates.
Greenwich Associates takes a look at the Direct Exchange Feeds and SIPs in this most recent market data research.
Trading and investing would grind to a halt without market data. Alternative data is shaking up the investing landscape, and order management systems are increasingly instrumental. Both would lose much of their luster, however, if not accompanied by...

A Buyer's Guide to Alternative Data

Greenwich Report
August 2018 By: Richard Johnson
This new Greenwich Report examines the changing size of the alternative data market, identifies the leading companies in the space and examines the evaluation process for these data sets..
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