Institutions are increasingly attracted to ETFs as a cheap and efficient means of taking on the both tactical and strategic exposures needed for portfolio construction and adjustment.
Under a backdrop of increasing fee pressure, slowing AUM growth and reduced margins, the investment management industry is now facing research unbundling trends, which require many asset managers to implement a formal evaluation, budgeting and...
These are our biggest market structure trends to watch in 2020.

Peak Performance: What the Buy Side Expects from their Algos

Greenwich Report
October 2019 By: Richard Johnson
Trading is now a highly complex and data-driven activity. U.S. equity markets comprise dozens of execution venues, each with different liquidity characteristics, order types, fee structures, and latency differentials.

Benchmarking the Value of Indexes Among Active Managers

Greenwich Report
September 2019 By: Richard Johnson, Daniel J. Connell
Active managers recognize the importance of benchmark data to their business, but asset management executives think they can and should be deriving even more value.

Money in Motion

Greenwich Report
July 2019 By: Richard Johnson
U.S. equity commission wallets are down almost 50% since their peak in 2009. This presents challenges for brokers in terms of lower revenue and profitability, causing many to rethink their business models.

MiFID II Shapes European Equity Trading

Greenwich Report
May 2019 By: Richard Johnson
Traders have adapted to the MiFID II regulations and are navigating the new European equity trading landscape but there have also been some downsides.

Trends in Global Equity Electronic Execution

Greenwich Report
April 2019 By: Richard Johnson
This report takes a look at the recent trends in global electronic execution, including shifting attitudes brought about by MiFID II, the uptake of algo wheels and the use of AI technology.
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