Even if you knew in advance who was the best axe in every name you called for the past five quarters and you called that person on the first try, the RFQ protocol would have cut your trading costs in half every time.
The dust from MiFID II has settled, allowing us to take a measured look at how traders are adapting to this new market structure landscape.

The Future of Trading: The People

Greenwich Report
April 2020 By: Kevin McPartland
Technology innovation isn't just about complete automation, but helping to make capital markets interactions between people more efficient.
Many asset owners and investment consultants have begun to reassess the optimal level of China exposure in their portfolios and how to best achieve this objective.

Trends of Buy-Side Trading Desk Spending

Greenwich Report
March 2020 By: Brad Tingley
With the buy side trading desk allocating just over one-third of its budget to technology, traders have more tools and flexibility than ever at their disposal.

Equity TCA Benchmarking: 2020

Greenwich Report
March 2020 By: Shane Swanson
Buy-side firms are increasingly willing to invest in a TCA platform rather than make do with free services or proprietary tools.
Greenwich Associates reflects on the change to zero trading commissions by the major retail brokerages and its impact on retail trading and execution.
Just as markets are never static, the same is true for market structure. New technologies, products, business practices, and competitive dynamics continually change the nature of markets.
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