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The ramifications of new equity exchanges, an increasingly tech-heavy fixed-income market, spending on surveillance technology, clearing and continued cloud adoption are some of the big themes we see shaping 2021.

U.S. Capital Markets Performance During COVID: Foreign Exchange

Greenwich Report
December 2020 By: Ken Monahan
FX markets continued to function even in the depth of the crisis, with market makers staying active and electronic marketplaces continuing to operate well despite spikes in volume.
The day-to-day aspects of the FX market have largely returned to normal from the periods of high volatility and volume and wide spreads seen earlier in the year. But what about the structure of the FX market as a whole?
Corporates are arguably the most important segment to FX markets. This report examines how corporations think about FX and how this influences their trading behavior.

The Future of Trading: The People

Greenwich Report
April 2020 By: Kevin McPartland
Technology innovation isn't just about complete automation, but helping to make capital markets interactions between people more efficient.

Digitization Delayed: Why Algos Aren't More Popular in FX

Greenwich Report
March 2020 By: Ken Monahan
Electronification has created opportunities and perhaps the most interesting and most analyzed second-order effect is the spread of algorithmic trading.
Corporate treasury departments are increasingly recognized for what they have always been: centers of analytical excellence. Thus, as the demands on the corporate treasurer expand, treasury departments are looking to new technologies and third-party...
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