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The persistent growth trajectory of the trade surveillance technology market has surprised many industry participants.
If the financial industry still held any objections to the case for providing firmwide communications flexibility and remote working capabilities, March 2020 saw the argument’s proverbial microphone drop.
Although the prospect of an FTT for the U.S. has been proposed multiple times since the 60s, it has never gained significant traction. The idea is often raised in the context of how to pay for other programs.
Global markets liquidity came under extreme pressure in late February and early March as fear and uncertainty gripped the world. Market infrastructure, meanwhile, held up remarkably well. The swaps market, however, was not immune to liquidity...
Buy-side fixed-income trading desks have faced mounting demands on their time: the explosion of issuance, alongside greater transaction/trade reporting obligations, and increasingly rigorous internal audit requirements. However, they pale in...
The current environment will create opportunities for the right set of banks to play an important role in the effective migration of global supply chains from one global center to many others.
The dust from MiFID II has settled, allowing us to take a measured look at how traders are adapting to this new market structure landscape.
Under a backdrop of increasing fee pressure, slowing AUM growth and reduced margins, the investment management industry is now facing research unbundling trends, which require many asset managers to implement a formal evaluation, budgeting and...
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