The current environment will create opportunities for the right set of banks to play an important role in the effective migration of global supply chains from one global center to many others.
The dust from MiFID II has settled, allowing us to take a measured look at how traders are adapting to this new market structure landscape.
Under a backdrop of increasing fee pressure, slowing AUM growth and reduced margins, the investment management industry is now facing research unbundling trends, which require many asset managers to implement a formal evaluation, budgeting and...
These are our biggest market structure trends to watch in 2020.

Investors' Take on Market Structure Issues 2018/2019

Greenwich Report
February 2019 By: Richard Johnson
Greenwich Associates takes the temperature of the marketplace regarding important equity market structure regulatory developments including unlisted trading privileges, the Consolidated Audit Trail and the Transaction Fee Pilot.
Although a tumultuous 2018 ended up being an overall positive year for most leading Asian equity brokers, the industry enters 2019 facing profound questions about how changes in regulations and market structure will affect...

The MiFID II Trading Transformation

Greenwich Report
January 2019 By: Richard Johnson
Following the passage of MiFID I, electronic trading in Europe grew 250% from 2007 to 2010. In this research, Greenwich Associates takes a look at the early days of the MiFID II trading transformation by making informed predictions based on the...
The credit default swap (CDS) market has been in decline for many years, inducing some market participants to shift to other products for their hedging needs.
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