Position yourself to adapt quickly to market structure trends and changes with our newest data product, featuring critical statistics and analysis.

The markets have reached a new level of transparency, but gathering and making sense of all the information is challenging.

In response, we created a dynamic view into major institutional markets using our data in combination with disparate sets produced by market participants, regulators and industry associations.

Our centralized resource and monthly analysis informs your ability to identify and adapt quickly to market structure trends and changes as they happen.

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November Spotlight: Futures Markets Perk Up While Fed Keeps Volatility at Bay

November 2020

The disruption that is 2020 may have slow some market participants' streaming efforts despite what feels like an inevitable evolution forward.

MarketView - Credit

November Spotlight: Issuance Takes a Breather, but Trading and E-Trading Grind Ever Higher

November 2020

The most interesting element of October for electronic trading of corporate bonds was the sharp increase in Tradeweb volumes.