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Nasdaq: The data show that although trading economics are sometimes distorted by penny ticks, the market has mostly bundled and tiered charges so incentives are spread appropriately.

MarketsMedia: Kevin McPartland noted that pressure on investment-management fees is a high-level catalyst for AI-enabled processes, as firms look to cut costs and gain efficiencies across the board. 

P&I: "Bond ETFs were created to give individual investors easier access to bond markets, but they are increasingly being used as a tool by institutional investors, who have really pushed the growth of bond ETFs. Further growth is inevitable...

MarketsMedia: “Just as digitization has improved efficiency and transparency in other parts of the economy, the same will occur when capital markets move from issuing securities in dematerialized format to natively digital,” said Johnson.

Bloomberg:  A survey of more than 550 European investment firms by Greenwich Associates shows private equity is the most-favored investment destination in the coming three years. 


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