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Institutional Investor: It’s not just the markets that went volatile this year. Asset manager paychecks will also vary “widely” in 2018, according to a new report by Greenwich Associates. 

eFinancial Careers: trading market is dominated by Goldman, Citi and J.P. Morgan, with Deutsche ranking outside the top five for U.S fixed income trading according to Greenwich Associates.

MarketsMedia:  Kevin McPartland said in the report that 70% of US investors are trading emerging market fixed-income products electronically, about 14% of the notional volume traded.

MarketsMedia:  William Llamas said, “With the massive decrease in 2018, the worst is likely over. However, given the smaller research pool, investment banks and other providers will continue to fight for every last dollar, and success will...

One touch redux

November 22, 2018

Investment Europe: The recent Greenwich Associates  paper on The Evolution of Equities Sell-side Execution Technology delved more deeply and found that, despite the hype, the overwhelming majority of firms questioned still operate separate...


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