There is no doubt that institutional investors are shifting investment assets into lower-cost passive strategies. But, reports of the death of active management are not just premature, they are altogether incorrect. Greenwich Associates is...
Over the past decade, growing numbers of both institutional and individual investors have started considering the social impact of their investments.
Greenwich Associates interviewed 52 platform decision-makers and 151 financial advisors across channels including broker-dealers, private banks, insurance companies, and registered investment advisors (RIAs) to better understand how the intermediary...
Institutions are pushing asset managers beyond a focus on relative investment performance and towards providing outcomes that address their holistic portfolio needs.

Embracing Institutional Investors' New DNA

Greenwich Report
November 2016 By: Sara H. Sikes
Greenwich Associates has unique insights to help consultants and managers quantify the value of specialization through client segmentation. Our findings are based on data regarding investment consulting firms and are also applicable to investment...
For many finance executives, social media is an important part of their professional lives. It is used to engage with peers and colleagues, to research sales leads, to learn from industry leaders, and even as a source of alpha for certain strategies...
Greenwich Associates Consultant, Davis Walmsley, comments on the shift from active to passive management, and different approaches taken by managers. 
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