U.S. institutions are especially bullish about expected bond ETF allocations, targeting increases of almost 30%.

Letting ETFs Stand on Their Own

Greenwich Report
August 2018 By: Kevin McPartland
A change in mindset is clearly needed, both for how the buy-side looks to ETFs as an active part of their portfolio and how the sell side offers clients access to the ETF market.
Recognizing that marketing activities are going to shape the future of the firm and the industry as a whole is an important milestone for any organization striving to survive and thrive in the years ahead.
The line between fundamental and quantitative investing is blurring as fundamental investors adopt tools and approaches long employed by “quants.”
European institutions are integrating exchange-traded funds (ETFs) more deeply into their investment processes and strategies.
Across the board, Asian institutions are integrating ETFs into their portfolios as a standard tool for obtaining beta exposures in their allocations in both active and passive strategies.
The continued pressure on plan sponsors to close funding gaps while simultaneously managing risk budgets is forcing U.S. institutional investors to take a hard look at their portfolio allocations.
Institutions are making greater use of ETFs in strategic portfolio functions. They are using ETFs to obtain investment exposures in “core” portfolio allocations, and as building blocks in top-down strategies that create alpha through asset...

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