Executive Summary

This report provides detailed information from institutional investors in the U.K. on managers used and products most in demand across equities, fixed-income, alternatives, and specialty investments segmented by geography, type of investor and size of fund.


Greenwich Associates 32nd annual U.K. institutional investor research is based on in-depth interviews conducted in the first quarter of 2019 with 385 interviews of the largest institutional funds in the United Kingdom.

These institutional investors are U.K. corporate funds, local authorities and other institutional funds each with over £75 million in total defined benefit plan assets, defined contribution plan assets, or other institutional assets.

  • 290 corporate pension funds
  • 52 local authority pension funds
  • 43 other institutional funds, including non-corporate or local authority pension funds, charities, endowments, and insurance companie

Senior fund professionals were asked to provide quantitative and qualitative evaluations of their investment managers’ investments and client service capabilities, qualitative assessments of those managers soliciting their business, and detailed information on important market trends.