Download the sample report using the link above and contact us if you are interested in the full report.

Let Greenwich Associates analyze your commission rate structure. This is a sample of the Global Equity Commission Rate Analyzer. The full product includes:

  • Side-by-side commission rate analysis across 50 Developed and Emerging Markets by rate type/execution channel
  • Overall summary page using conditional formatting showing overall rate comparison
  • Rate type review pages highlighting the individual markets where the average peer group rate deviates most from your institution’s rate
  • Access to our analysts to help you prepare for board reporting

Between September and November 2019, Greenwich Associates canvassed heads of equity trading at North American, European, and Asian institutions regarding typical commission rates paid across 81 different markets. We received responses from 264 institutions, up 18% from 2018. Desks were asked for their overall bundled rate; execution-only rates for high touch, portfolio and electronic trades; tack-on rates for high-touch, portfolio and electronic trades; and all-in blended rates across Developed, Emerging and Frontier markets.