Jennifer LitwinKevin McPartlandAndy Awad, Dan Connell, and Ken Monahan from Greenwich Associates will be speaking at this year's event.

Jennifer Litwin

  • Women on Wall Street Think-Tank - Improving the opportunities for women in capital markets: covering everything from communications, self-branding and career progression and how diversity should be used as a competitive advantage on your fixed-income desk.
  • Building a Winning Culture: 360 Perspective - How can you embrace diversity and inclusion to enrich your workplace and make it your competitive advantage?
  • Interview with Alvin Burgos, Independent Expert - How has the rise of new eTrading and automation impacted the performance of trading strategies and the skillset required on your team?

Kevin McPartland 

  • Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
  • Buy Side Keynote - What are the three critical success factors to building a best in class fixed-income trading desk that not just survives but thrives in a new market order?
  • All Star Panel - The paradigm shift in Fixed Income: How are changes in market structure, liquidity and new products redefining the way you interact with your counterparts across the value chain?

Andy Awad

  • Fireside Chat - Setting the gold standard for corporate bond trading: How can you enhance access to liquidity and alpha generation through technology, automation and data?

​Dan Connell

  • All Star Panel - Navigating the data storm: How can you aggregate and make sense of multiple data sources and turn these into meaningful pre and post-trade analysis to aid your investment decisions?

​Ken Monahan

  • Panel - Navigating liquidity fragmentation: How to use different trading protocols to maximize your access to liquidity *CHATHAM HOUSE RULES*
  • Corporate Bonds - Fireside Chat Responding to liquidity risk: What are the various avenues to measure manage and monitor liquidity risk in real time to best respond to market shocks?

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