Research management systems (RMS) are an increasingly important tool in institutional investment management. Asset managers in the U.S. and Europe spend almost $5 billion on investment research every year, and yet few use a formal RMS.

This is beginning to change however, as more firms are beginning to realize the benefits that a modern approach to RMS can offer in terms of productivity, compliance, process management and collaboration. Similarly, asset owners and allocators are increasingly seeking out the benefits of RMS technology to assist them in conducting due diligence on the dozens of managers in their pre-allocation universe.

Learn about:

  • How the modern RMS is revolutionizing the way investment teams create, consume and use research
  • Leveraging an RMS to streamline workflow, enhance compliance tracking, and increase productivity and teamwork
  • Key functionality and what to look for when selecting an RMS to fit your business model
  • Early findings from our industry survey on the role of research and data management in investment technology-stacks

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