The use case for well-developed surveillance technology and holistic integration has become glaringly obvious over the past month, with the return on investment increasingly clear. Spending on technology solutions and tools supporting market surveillance efforts, at both the exchange and participant level, has expanded steadily since 2010, increasing at an estimated 14% annually over the last five years – a rate likely to jump in 2020.

This virtual panel will discuss the importance of market surveillance infrastructure, the challenges faced during the global pandemic crisis, and the questions still unanswered.

Join us as we discuss:

  • How surveillance is defined and used by different market participants in different parts of the world
  • How surveillance technology is helping to detect abnormal market activity, when everything is abnormal
  • How holistic surveillance efforts have helped contribute to market stability
  • The effects of structural challenges in data management resulting from the multi-fold increase in trading volume
  • Expected changes in market surveillance as markets work to recover