This is a sales enablement and productivity tool that equips sales and marketing executives with unique, high-value data and detailed company-level information that helps to drive revenue by:

  1. Prospecting the most winnable opportunities
  2. Protecting against previously unknown attrition risks
  3. Deepening share of wallet with existing clients through targeted cross-selling initiatives
  4. Elevating pre-call planning effectiveness

Prospecting, Preservation and Pre-call Planning

Our sales enablement and productivity tool provides actionable insights so you can shorten your sales cycle by understanding:

  • How companies view the performance of your bank’s products and services
  • How to tailor your sales strategy based on likely product needs
  • Which of your accounts are “at risk” and need remediation
  • Your competitor vulnerabilities at the account level
  • Account-level insights for a productive and meaningful conversation

See a snapshot below.

Focus - Market Opportunity

Focus - Company Snapshot

Focus APIs: Actionable Data on Call

Focus APIs allow you to make a data request from your own internal BI applications and receive a near real-time response with data directly from Greenwich Associates.

This functionality gives your developers the freedom and agility to create a one stop shop for sales and client retention data, that can be used by all your bankers, while outsourcing provisioning of that data to the Focus API.

Focus APIs