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MarketsMedia:Frank Feenstra said, “Numerous factors are contributing to this growth, including the ongoing increase in exchange-traded fund trading volumes as well as more odd-lot trading resulting from the broader trend toward index investing.”

Traders: All of the 2019 Greenwich Leaders in U.S. Fixed Income have continued investing in their electronic offerings with the features and capabilities required to meet those changing needs and attract institutional trading volumes.

MarketsMedia: Those who need to hedge their positions, such as miners, payment processors, and crypto hedge funds, may find Bakkt’s physical settlement attractive, according to Richard Johnson.

Bloomberg: “It is only a small iteration from where we are today. … The additional transparency I think will be welcomed by most, but many market participants were left wanting more,” said Kevin McPartland.

Financial Times:Kevin McPartland said: “It’s an encouraging step forward for the US Treasury market, although many are still left wanting levels of transparency more in line with other regulated markets.”


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