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In The News

The Desk: Figures from a recent Greenwich Associates show that e-trading in US credit still only accounts for a small percentage of overall daily trading.

ETF Stream: The growth in popularity of passive investing has increased the awareness of how important indexes can be in investment management, but benchmarking also plays a central part in active management, according Greenwich Associates.

Nasdaq Pivots to Technology

October 3, 2019

MarketsMedia: Nasdaq is moving full-speed ahead in its evolution from just an exchange operator to also a technology provider across capital markets.  That was the gist of Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman’s remarks on a Greenwich Associates webinar....

Finextra: The Demystifying Alternative Data study by Greenwich Associates found that 71% of asset managers believe that using alternative data gives them an investing edge over competitors.

MarketsMedia:Frank Feenstra said, “Numerous factors are contributing to this growth, including the ongoing increase in exchange-traded fund trading volumes as well as more odd-lot trading resulting from the broader trend toward index investing.”


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