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Asset management firms are expected to hand out 5 percent less compensation to their traders and fund managers in 2015 from year-ago levels as recent market volatility has hurt investment returns.  

“With staffing for DC really operating on a shoestring in many cases – there’s very little scope and tolerance for error. I do think at some level there is an element of not “blame the messenger” but “blame the consultant”, because the consultant is...

Declining liquidity is investors’ number-one concern about Europe’s bond market as the top-five dealers pare back on their market making activities amid tougher regulations, according to a study by Greenwich Associates.  

...cites Union’s ranking as a “quality leader” in Germany for its institutional business by consultancy Greenwich Associates, which polled 274 institutional investors in the country to arrive at the result, including 69 of Union’s clients.

Increasing assets under management is the first priority for more than half of the 109 hedge fund managers interviewed for a hedge fund industry report prepared for Ernst & Young Global by Greenwich Associates.  


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