Tuesday, April 28, 2020 Stamford, CT USA — Although it’s usually investment consultants who give advice to their clients, institutional investors have some advice of their own for consultants competing for their business: reach out proactively with ideas and assistance, and report and respond to requests quickly and on time.

“That advice holds true at any point in the market cycle, but especially today, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, when institutional investors are dealing with unprecedented swings in global markets and are looking for all the help they can get,” says Greenwich Associates Principal Sara Sikes.

Greenwich Associates identified five factors that distinguish best-in-class consultants from average practitioners. The first two factors - Timeliness of Written Reports and Provision of Proactive Advice & Innovative Ideas - show the highest degree of differentiation between the winners and the average firms and both relate to a consultant’s commitment to the relationship.

The next three factors - Understanding of Client Goals and Objectives, Advice on Asset Allocation and Liability Issues and Usefulness of Personal Meetings relate to a consultant’s ability or willingness to listen, research, understand a client’s needs, and deliver advice specific to a client’s unique situation.

The 2019 Greenwich Quality Leaders in Overall U.S. Investment Consulting have set themselves apart from their competitors in each of these five categories. The 2019 Greenwich Quality Leaders for the ‘Large Consultant’ category are Marquette Associates, RVK and Segal Macro Advisors and the winners for the ‘Midsize Consultant’ category are Angeles Investment Advisors, Asset Consulting Group and LCG Associates.

“By demonstrating their commitment to their clients and making a concerted effort to customize the service approach to best meet client needs, the Greenwich Quality Leaders have positioned themselves to be valuable—and valued—partners to institutional investors,” says Sara Sikes. “This is especially true in times of historic volatility and stress.”

Click here for the full Greenwich Report and list of 2019 Greenwich Quality Leaers in Overall U.S. Investment Consulting.