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Client Journey Mapping: Improving the Investor Experience

As good investment performance increasingly becomes a ‘ticket to the game’, best-in-class managers consider three steps they can take to excel in servicing.

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Client Journey Mapping

Greenwich Report
June 26, 2017 By: Mark Buckley

Considering approximately 70% of an investor’s perception of an asset manager is linked to investment performance, best-in-class managers consider the steps they can take to excel in servicing.

While many banks and financial institutions cite loyalty or customer experience as top strategic priorities, surprisingly few firms are fully realizing the potential value from their programs.

Although exchange-traded funds are a relatively recent addition to institutional investing in Latin America, ETFs are quickly taking on an important role in institutions’ portfolio management toolkits. Institutions in Latin America are introducing...

The Persona Playbook

Greenwich Report
April 18, 2017 By: Christopher Dunn

We segmented institutional investors into six categories to provide asset managers and consultants with a more actionable segmentation approach...


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