I partner with customers around the globe on their customer experience programs, and every one of them struggles with making the data they collect actionable. It is relatively easy to create a survey and get some percentage of customers to respond, or to gather customer input from all your other channels. And, once you have it, you can aggregate it and easily share feedback with company executives, management teams and your front-line employees, but then what?

Get Started!

As CX professionals, you need to show senior executives quick wins, clear priorities and a return on the investment for your program. Here are three things you can do right now to get started:

The CX Data Challenge: Focus on Quick Wins, Set Clear Priorities, Show ROI

Quick Wins

To achieve “quick wins,” you have to aid the action. Employees are hired to do a job, but that does not always include data analysis skills and customer experience strategy capabilities. As the customer experience expert, you can support this effort by offering customer journey maps and action planning workshops. These will drive 90-day sprints that include addressing any pain points you discover in the process. When issues are highlighted and fixed, the customer is happy and the employee feels a sense of accomplishment.

Clear Priorities

When setting your priorities, start with an analysis of your key drivers. This step will help you identify the actions you can take to achieve the greatest impact. Remember, not all key drivers are the same, so work with clients to identify the top influencers of their key performance indicators (KPIs). I suggest grouping key drivers using advanced analytics to determine broad areas for strategic alignment and specific tactical action steps for improvement. This offers you both strategic and tactical goals to get the most out of your CX data and answer the “Now what?” question.

Show ROI

Showing ROI is imperative to the success of your CX program. ROI is not just a buzzword. Every area or team within the organization adds value and Customer Experience should, too. Results can sometimes take time – especially when you are affecting cultural change. In my experience, the highest impact comes in the form of increased revenue from deeper customer relationships. Customers have a choice and they are bombarded with options every day. Our goal is to get customers to choose your organization over and over again.

Data is powerful, but only if you make it actionable.

Making data actionable does not have to be challenging. If you are struggling to build the processes required to translate that data into action, partner with leaders in the CX industry that are EFM software agnostic and can guide the design of your CX surveys, help you interpret the data, provide industry benchmarks, and facilitate action planning workshops.

Read my paper, The EFM Hangover to learn more.


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