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Top 10 Market Structure Trends for 2020

Trust and human interactions still matter a great deal, but even in those corners of the market where deals are done over the phone, the role of technology is pervasive. Here are our biggest market structure trends to watch in 2020...

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data scientists invade

Effectively Utilizing Tick Data

Greenwich Webinar   Login Required
September 27, 2019 By: Daniel J. Connell

Technology is transforming and disrupting the way that we can use data. Specifically, advancements made with regards to tick data.

Optimizing Payments with Purchasing Cards

Greenwich Webinar   Login Required
July 26, 2019 By: Maribeth Farley

Join Maribeth Farley and guest presenter Angela Grunte, Senior Director, Redbridge Debt & Treasury to discuss best practices in optimizing payments for your organization.

Artificial Intelligence on the Trading Desk

Greenwich Webinar   Login Required
July 26, 2019 By: Richard Johnson

Join Richard Johnson (Greenwich Associates), along with Kim Prado (RBC Capital Markets), Goutam Nadella (Symphony)and Tejas Shastry (GreenKey Technologies) for an interactive discussion about artificial intelligence on the trading desk.

Behind The Market Structure: Lee Olesky, CEO of Tradeweb

Greenwich Webinar   Login Required
July 25, 2019 By: Kevin McPartland

Join Kevin McPartland, Managing Director, from Greenwich Associates and Lee Olesky, Co-Founder and CEO, from Tradeweb, for an interactive discussion about Tradeweb's journey to becoming a public company and the importance of data for fixed-income...


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