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...cites Union’s ranking as a “quality leader” in Germany for its institutional business by consultancy Greenwich Associates, which polled 274 institutional investors in the country to arrive at the result, including 69 of Union’s clients.

Increasing assets under management is the first priority for more than half of the 109 hedge fund managers interviewed for a hedge fund industry report prepared for Ernst & Young Global by Greenwich Associates.  

A study released earlier this year by market research firm Greenwich Associates shows that 80 percent of institutional investors use social media as a regular part of their work, and 30 percent say social media has directly influenced an investment...

The company’s “bread and butter” is the bond pricing where “a roomful of bond analysts” pore over securities information to complement their algorithmic models, said Kevin McPartland, a market structure analyst at Greenwich Associates.  

Andrew Grant, consultant, says that he predicts success for US banks. “While we expect to see further gains among the top US banks, it will be interesting to track the positive momentum the largest foreign banks are showing,” Grant said. 

Taeko Sumiyoshi, Tokyo-based managing director with Greenwich Associates Japan K.K., said her firm's latest research showed the average fee paid to active international bond managers by 20 public funds surveyed in Japan, ex-GPIF, came to 35 basis...

“People still trust people more than they trust computers,” said Kevin McPartland, a market structure analyst at Greenwich Associates. “I don’t think that’ll ever change.”  


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