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The OMS/EMS Landscape: 2015

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March 2015
Presenter(s): Kevin McPartland
Kevin McPartland reviews this year's demand for OMS/EMS solutions.

Strategies for De-risking in the Corporate Pension Market

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February 2015
Presenter(s): Andrew McCollum
Andrew McCollum shares recently-released research with over 600 large corporate pension funds about the current state of affairs relating to de-risking strategies.

Trends in Public Pension Fund Management

Greenwich Webinar
February 2015
Presenter(s): Andrew McCollum
Andrew McCollum shares recently-released research with 275 large public pension funds about the latest trends in public pension fund management.

Trends in Managing Canadian Institutional Portfolios

Greenwich Webinar
February 2015
Presenter(s): Davis Walmsley
Davis Walmsley shares recently-released research with 225 large Canadian corporate, public/provincial, endowment, and foundation funds about their latest trends for managing their funds.
Greenwich Associates consultant shares recently-released research with over 200 large U.S. endowments and foundations about their latest trends in managing their investment funds.

From Products to Solutions - The Evolving Role of Asset Managers

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January 2015
Presenter(s): Lydia Vitalis, Andrew McCollum, Rodger F. Smith, Abhi Shroff, Davis Walmsley
Lydia Vitalis discusses the implications for managers as clients transition from seeking the best products to looking for partners to provide them with tailored, multi-product, multi-asset class solutions.

Best Practices - Institutional Distribution

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September 2014
Presenter(s): Andrew McCollum, Davis Walmsley, Sara H. Sikes
Andrew McCollum discusses how investor expectations related to investment counseling, portfolio solutions and partnership has changed the strategies required for success in direct sales, consultant coverage and client retention.

What's in a Brand - Establishing a Vision and Value Proposition for Asset Managers

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June 2014
Presenter(s): Sara H. Sikes, Andrew McCollum, Davis Walmsley
Sara Sikes discusses why institutional asset managers have begun to focus more attention on their brands and the tactical and strategic steps you can take to ensure strong and relevant messaging to the market.

Opportunities in a New Investment Environment

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March 2014
Presenter(s): Davis Walmsley, Andrew McCollum, Sara H. Sikes, Lydia Vitalis
Davis Walmsley shares key highlights from Greenwich Associates Global Institutional Investor Study, including key implications for asset managers.

The Benefits and Risks of International Expansion

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September 2013
Marc Haynes shares the keys to successfully expanding asset management firms beyond national borders.


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