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European Equities Under Attack From All Angles
(Greenwich Report, 5 Pages)

24 November 2014

The commission pool for European equities remains challenged while electronic trading continues to grow.

Big Four Dominate Investment Banking in Canada
(Awards White Paper, 3 Pages)

19 November 2014

Canada’s biggest banks retained their tight grip on the mergers & acquisitions, equity capital markets and debt capital markets business of the country’s larger companies as of mid-year 2014.

U.S. Trade Finance Concentrated With Top 5 Banks
(Awards White Paper, 2 Pages)

19 November 2014

Approximately 35% of large U.S. companies do business with Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Citi and J.P. Morgan.

Real Assets: An Increasingly Central Role in Institutional Portfolios
(Greenwich Report, 12 Pages)

10 November 2014

Real assets are playing an increasingly important role in the investment strategies of U.S. institutions as they look to diversify their portfolios and secure new sources of hard-to-achieve returns.

European Fixed-Income Dealers Narrow Coverage Scope
(Awards White Paper, 3 Pages)

05 November 2014

In this fast-changing environment, Barclays continues to lead the European fixed- income market with a market share of 11.9% of institutional trading volume.

Global Banks are More Selective with Large Corporates
(Awards White Paper, 3 Pages)

04 November 2014

When it comes to large corporate banking and cash management, the new strategies of the biggest global banks can be defined by one word: selectivity.

The Rollercoaster Continues, Greenwich Leaders Stay the Course
(Awards White Paper, 2 Pages)

03 November 2014

“Brokers dominating in emerging markets equities share three characteristics,” says Greenwich Associates consultant John Colon. “They have proven their commitment this business, they have developed specific expertise at the...

New Regulatory Proposals Could Lead to Radical Changes in European Brokerage Business Model
(Awards White Paper, 3 Pages)

30 October 2014

Although on the surface things seem relatively placid in the European equity industry, with broker commission payments leveling off in 2014 after an extended period of weakness, the European brokerage business could be on the verge of the biggest change in a generation.

Best Practices in Institutional Distribution
(Greenwich Report, 12 Pages)

29 October 2014

Greenwich Associates has assembled 24 best practices across sales, consultant relations, and relationship management based on our strategic consulting work with leading asset managers around the globe.

Do-It-Yourself Software Loses Its Luster
(Greenwich Report, 4 Pages)

29 October 2014

By outsourcing technology, buy-side firms can save money better spent to lower fees, lower risk and increase alpha.