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Say Goodbye to Buy-Side Boom Times
(Greenwich Report, 8 Pages)

18 November 2015

Pay levels in asset management for 2015 are projected to be slightly lower.

In Europe, New Regulations Drive Dealer Strategies, Sap Liquidity
(Awards White Paper, 3 Pages)

12 November 2015

The competitive positioning of Europe’s  fixed-income dealers is defined by regulations and responses to the new rules.

New Regulatory Proposals Could Lead to Radical Changes in European Brokerage Business Model
(Awards White Paper, 5 Pages)

09 November 2015

Brokers compete on pricing, willingness to commit capital to trades, their own creditworthiness, client service, and a range of other factors.

Expanding International Needs Buoy Canadian Corporate Banking Activity in a Weak Economy
(Awards White Paper, 4 Pages)

05 November 2015

Banks competing for the business of Canada’s largest companies are navigating a changing market.

From Crowd to Cloud: The Myth and Magnitude of Fragmentation in U.S. Equities
(Greenwich Report, 24 Pages)

01 November 2015

An examination of U.S. market structure shows an industry that is still coming to terms with the effects of its short courtship and hasty marriage with technology.

2015 Continental European Institutional Investors - Investor Situation and Needs
(Market Trend, 31 Pages)

01 November 2015

At a European level asset allocation remains stable. Fixed Income dominates, driven by allocations outside the Nordics.

2015 Continental European Institutional Investors - Demand for Investment Consultants
(Market Trend, 9 Pages)

01 November 2015

Consultant use strengthens as the interest rate environment forces investors to revisit strategy and seek advice.

2015 Continental European Institutional Investors - Manager Fees
(Market Trend, 7 Pages)

01 November 2015

Multi-asset fees are the highest paid by European institutional investors, followed closely by active developed market equities.

2015 Continental European Institutional Investors - Manager and Product Demand
(Market Trend, 17 Pages)

01 November 2015

Diversification and globalization themes continue; overall hiring levels remain muted.

2015 Continental European Institutional Investors - New Business Development
(Market Trend, 7 Pages)

01 November 2015

As strategic discussions return to the agenda, solicitation activity rebounds as anticipated.