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Institutional Investing: How Social Media Informs and Shapes the Investing Process
(Greenwich Report, 8 Pages)

16 April 2015

80% of institutional investors use social media in their regular work flow, and 30% say it directly influenced an investment decision.

Equity Trade Commissions: Rates Vary Broadly Across and Within Markets
(Greenwich Report, 2 Pages)

13 April 2015

While commission rates on equity trades vary from country to country and from developed to emerging markets, new research reveals that commission rates vary from investor to investor within markets.

Investment Managers Face Rising Standards for Service Quality
(Awards White Paper, 2 Pages)

01 April 2015

Canadian investment managers are working to meet institutional investors’ growing demands for advice and assistance by expanding and upgrading client service capabilities. 

Fund Distributors in Europe Predict Continued Strong Outflows from Government Bonds
(Greenwich Report, 2 Pages)

31 March 2015

With bonds expensive and providing little income potential, investors are looking for more attractive opportunities...

Bank Operations and the Customer Experience
(Greenwich Report, 4 Pages)

30 March 2015

Banks that limit their client experience management programs to customer-facing staff are not addressing every element that affects customers.

Gaining Access to New Technology While Minimizing the Cost of Change
(Greenwich Report, 2 Pages)

27 March 2015

The other major trend coming out of this technology rationalization is the push to form new market utilities and expand the use of existing platforms.

Small Business and Middle Market Banking: Positive Signs for 2015
(Greenwich Report, 4 Pages)

26 March 2015

More than 80% of mid-sized companies and 70% of small businesses are satisfied with their banks.

European Fixed Income: E-Trading Growth Continues
(Greenwich Report, 4 Pages)

25 March 2015

In European FI, the ongoing trend toward electronic markets mirrors a broader leadership in digital communication that outpaces the U.S. market.

Reducing the Risk of Using Financial Models
(Greenwich Report, 4 Pages)

18 March 2015

While many financial models are a key driver of profits on both the buy side and sell side, the oversight of those models and their use is a common complexity faced on the Street.

Leading Foreign Exchange Dealers Cede Market Share
(Awards White Paper, 5 Pages)

12 March 2015

Citi and Deutsche Bank top the list of 2015 Greenwich Leaders in Global Foreign Exchange.