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Changes in U.S. Corporate Bond Market: Evolution, Not Revolution
(Greenwich Report, 8 Pages)

15 September 2014

The evolution of the U.S. corporate bond market is underway, but the revolution is yet to come.

2014 U.K. Institutional Investors - Asset Allocation
(Market Trend, 13 Pages)

15 September 2014

The secular decline in equity allocations has resumed to the benefit of fixed income and LDI.

2014 U.K. Institutional Investors - Defined Benefit Pension Funding
(Market Trend, 11 Pages)

15 September 2014

Supported by rising bond yields, funding levels improve, but the gap between corporates and local authorities widens.

2014 U.K. Institutional Investors - Product Demand and Hiring
(Market Trend, 18 Pages)

15 September 2014

Hedge fund use declines as investors switch to multi-asset allocations for their alternatives exposure.

Fixed-Income Research Gains Importance
(Greenwich Report, 3 Pages)

04 September 2014

The percentage of clients rewarding dealers for fixed-income research doubled over the last two years and research in more illiquid products is even stronger.

Canadian Institutions Use ETFs for Strategic and Tactical Applications
(Greenwich Report, 8 Pages)

19 August 2014

More institutions are looking at ETFs not just as tools for tactical portfolio adjustments, but as a means of efficiently implementing their broader investment strategies.

German Investment Management: 2014 Greenwich Quality Leaders
(Awards White Paper, 3 Pages)

12 August 2014

German institutional investors are adjusting investment strategies and portfolio allocations in an attempt to generate yield amid low interest rates and declining return expectations. As they do so, they give top marks to Allianz Global Investors and PIMCO — the 2013 Greenwich Quality ...

Canadian Fixed-Income: Big Six Becomes Big Seven
(Awards White Paper, 4 Pages)

11 August 2014

It’s official: The Canadian Big Six are now the Big Seven. Desjardins Capital Markets has joined RBC Capital Markets, TD Securities, BMO Capital Markets, Scotiabank, CIBC, and National Bank Financial to gain entry into the country’s exclusive top tier of dealers.

2014 Fixed Income Investors - Canada
(Compensation, 32 Pages)

11 August 2014

Compensation for financial professionals trading Fixed Income products in Canada increased slightly in the past 12 months.

2014 Fixed Income Investors - United States
(Compensation, 27 Pages)

11 August 2014

Compensation for financial professionals trading Fixed Income products in the U.S. increased slightly in the past 12 months.