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ETFs: Usage Increases Amongst European Institutional Investors
(Greenwich Report, 12 Pages)

26 January 2015

ETFs, a mainstay in European institutional equity portfolios, are quickly gaining traction in fixed income.

Distributor Volumes Up 50% in U.S. Retail Structured Products
(Awards White Paper, 2 Pages)

23 January 2015

While total notional volumesremained relatively flat, volumes among third-party distributors jumped over 50%.

U.S. Corporate Bond Trading: A Multitude of Platforms Give Investors Options
(Greenwich Report, 6 Pages)

22 January 2015

Relationships still matter when trading corporate bonds, but with dealers less willing and able to act as the market's shock absorber, the buy side is looking to new solutions.

Japanese Brokers’ Big Bets Pay Off
(Awards White Paper, 3 Pages)

21 January 2015

Japan’s large equity brokers are capturing considerable market share with foreign investors active in Japanese equities.

2014 Greenwich Leaders: Global Fixed Income
(Awards White Paper, 3 Pages)

20 January 2015

In a time increasingly defined by the implementation and consequences of new regulations, Deutsche Bank has established itself as the leader in global fixed- income trading market share, while J.P. Morgan and Citi have distinguished themselves by providing the best quality of service to f...

Corporate Bond Best Execution: More Art Than Science
(Greenwich Report, 8 Pages)

20 January 2015

Since matching the buyer and seller for a bond trade remains principally in the realm of intuition and experience, defining "best execution" can be an elusive endeavor.

Buy-Side Trading Desks Spend Big Money on Talent and Technology
(Greenwich Report, 4 Pages)

12 January 2015

Over the last decade the buy side has expanded the role and capabilities of their trading desks by making significant investments in technology and staff—a challenging trend to continue when budgets are tight.

Global Dealers Focus on G7 and G3 Products
(Awards White Paper, 4 Pages)

07 January 2015

Many global banks have pulled out or scaled back their coverage of Asian local currency bonds, leaving these fast growing markets largely in the hands of a few committed
global banks like HSBC and Standard Chartered Bank and up-and-coming domestic firms.

15 for '15: Top Trends to Watch
(Greenwich Report, 4 Pages)

06 January 2015

On the heels of a year with a number of important market structure changes, Greenwich Associates presents the top 15 trends to watch for in 2015.

2014 Canadian Institutional Investors Compensation Report
(Compensation, 17 Pages)

05 January 2015

With the exception of several senior level job functions, total compensation increased by 3% or more across most job functions.