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2014 Greenwich Leaders: U.S. Fixed Income
(Awards White Paper, 2 Pages)

22 July 2014

Fixed-income dealers who thought that market conditions couldn’t get any worse this year have been proven wrong.  Over the past 12 months, cyclical and secular developments have made fixed-income markets more challenging than ever for both dealers and investors.

Institutions Rely on Broker Vote in Constrained Environment
(Greenwich Report, 4 Pages)

09 July 2014

As they pare back on their lists of brokers and providers, most institutions rely on the “broker vote” to determine which firms to keep, and ultimately, how their research and advisory service dollars will be apportioned.

Return to Profits: Next Generation Structured Derivatives
(Greenwich Report, 4 Pages)

03 July 2014

New regulatory safeguards, coupled with an economic environment that is driving both supply and demand for structured derivatives, mean the OTC derivatives market is not going away.

Sales Trader of the Future
(Greenwich Report, 12 Pages)

26 June 2014

Armed with next generation technology, the sales trader of the future can provide clients with custom-feel service despite a challenging commission environment.

2014 Greenwich Leaders: Canadian Equities
(Awards White Paper, 2 Pages)

23 June 2014

Equity commissions fell below expectations, RBC Capital Markets maintains lead on Canadian equity brokers, ITG tops in Canadian Equity Algorithmic Trading.

U.S. Companies Turning to Non-Bank Providers for Credit
(Greenwich Report, 3 Pages)

18 June 2014

A notable share of U.S. small businesses and middle market companies are obtaining credit from non-bank providers.

2013 Asia Debt Capital Markets
(Market Trend, 20 Pages)

18 June 2014

Lower all-in costs or better terms continues to be the overriding factor for determining the lead manadate for long-term bond offerings.

2013 Asia Large Corporate Cash Management
(Market Trend, 26 Pages)

18 June 2014

Financial stability (counterparty risk) is the most commonly cited reason why banks are chosen as the lead domestic cash management provider.

2013 Asia Large Corporate Banking
(Market Trend, 20 Pages)

18 June 2014

Risk management - focus on business interruption is considered an extremely high priority by 45% of respondents.

2013 Large Corporate Banking - Total Europe
(Market Trend, 39 Pages)

18 June 2014

Average fees paid on credit related transactions varied significantly by industry group, with Media/Telecom/Technology and Health Care & Pharmaceuticals averaging the highest.