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MENA Companies Require Diverse Roster of Banks to Support Growth
(Greenwich Report, 4 Pages)

24 June 2015

MENA companies should complement their bank rosters with locals as  providers of credit and "high-touch" coverage.

Equity TCA: Drive Toward Alpha Generation Continues
(Greenwich Report, 4 Pages)

16 June 2015

A combination of market structure changes and technology innovation are changing investors' perceptions of how TCA can be used.

Increasingly Optimistic Business Owners Seek Growth Partners
(Greenwich Report, 4 Pages)

15 June 2015

U.S. banks are optimistic that demand for credit is improving among small businesses and mid-sized companies.

The Future of Financial Markets Operating Systems: Here Comes HTML5
(Greenwich Report, 4 Pages)

10 June 2015

HTML5 strategy is critical to creating the OS agnostic environment required across a broad array of devices and platforms.

2015 Greenwich Leaders: Canadian Equities
(Awards White Paper, 2 Pages)

03 June 2015

RBC Capital Markets leads the Canadian equity brokerage space by an extent rarely seen in other markets around the world.

2015 Greenwich Leaders: U.S. Equities
(Awards White Paper, 4 Pages)

03 June 2015

U.S. institutions seeking liquidity and alpha support long list of brokers.

Business as Usual? Eying Fundamental Change in Payment for Research
(Greenwich Report, 5 Pages)

28 May 2015

Greenwich Associates calls unbundling a “Solution in Search of a Problem”

Corporate Derivative Use Continues to Grow—Dealers Say Not So Fast
(Greenwich Report, 4 Pages)

20 May 2015

While new regulations haven't dampened corporate treasuries' use derivatives, the current environment is making profits more elusive for dealers.

Bond Market Continues to Drive Demand for Fixed-Income ETFs
(Greenwich Report, 12 Pages)

18 May 2015

Significant increases in institutional use of bond ETFs is expected.

Corporate Banking: Electronic Banking Progress Report
(Greenwich Report, 8 Pages)

13 May 2015

Greenwich Associates identifies the "Best-of- Breed" electronic banking platforms.