Virtually all banks today are touting a new commitment to customer service. But bank customers—both retail and commercial—need to ask one important question: Is this commitment lip service or is it real?
In a global market in which it’s increasingly tough for banks to make money in fixed income, Asia stands out as a welcome exception.
These top digital banking trends have an important role in bank selections, client experience and leadership positioning.
Commercial banks fighting for market share in a consolidating industry have a powerful new weapon. Data analytics allows banks to identify and precisely target sales efforts at their best opportunities in ways that were impossible just a few years...
Companies and banks in the Nordics and the Netherlands could be leading the way toward a new and increasingly digital future for the European trade finance industry.
Outside of core day-to-day functions, Indian corporate treasury departments rank “digitization” and “technology upgrades” as their top priorities for the year ahead.
Indian regulators are now putting in place reforms that may serve as the foundation for the country’s financial sector for decades to come.
In an era of “Know Your Customer” and other strict documentation requirements, large European companies are crying out for digital solutions that make it easier for them to do business with their banks. 
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