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Pandemic Perspectives – A New World Order

We believe that the COVID-19 crisis is a seminal event for the asset management industry from which a new world order will arise...

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Pandemic Perspective

The Future of Trading: Redefining Data

Greenwich Report
December 3, 2019 By: Kevin McPartland

In this Greenwich Report we will examine the impact of data on financial markets, which data is likely to become the most valuable over the next five years, who will provide that data, and how traders hope to put it to use.

Understanding the changing demographics , habits and worries of financial advisors and their clients is the key to reaching them. Content from the right brand, on the right topic, in the right format, delivered at the opportune time will catch an...

Hooked: Regtech Reliance in Capital Markets Compliance

Greenwich Report
November 5, 2019

Compliance is a crucial component of financial firm infrastructure, and the role of compliance departments in firm operations has become a fact of life for most capital markets participants.

Peak Performance: What the Buy Side Expects from their Algos

Greenwich Report
October 30, 2019 By: Richard Johnson

Trading is now a highly complex and data-driven activity. U.S. equity markets comprise dozens of execution venues, each with different liquidity characteristics, order types, fee structures, and latency differentials.

Building the Multi-Sport Manager

Greenwich Report
October 28, 2019 By: Davis Walmsley

Institutional asset managers can follow the example set by Ironman triathletes to make continual improvements in the three legs of their own competition: Distribution, Client Service and Investments.


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