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Pandemic Perspectives – A New World Order

We believe that the COVID-19 crisis is a seminal event for the asset management industry from which a new world order will arise...

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Pandemic Perspective

Stablecoins: Crypto's Sensible Cousin

Greenwich Report
July 23, 2019 By: Richard Johnson

The potential for stablecoins can be applicable everywhere money changes hands. This Greenwich Report discusses the financial markets use cases, advantages and obstacles to adoption of stablecoins.

Money in Motion

Greenwich Report
July 9, 2019 By: Richard Johnson

U.S. equity commission wallets are down almost 50% since their peak in 2009. This presents challenges for brokers in terms of lower revenue and profitability, causing many to rethink their business models.

Steampunk Settlement

Greenwich Report
June 11, 2019 By: Ken Monahan

Distributed ledger technology (DLT) has a big role to play in improving the quality of the settlement infrastructure, but it may not be able to replace it entirely without imposing the very costs it was designed to reduce.

Security Tokens: Cryptonite for Stock Certificates

Greenwich Report
June 6, 2019 By: Richard Johnson

New research looks into the emerging market for security tokens, identifying the most promising applications, key advantages and leading players in the space.

Demystifying Alternative Data

Greenwich Report
May 22, 2019 By: Richard Johnson

Alternative data has been around for at least a decade, but an increase in adoption is making it less “alternative” and a more essential part of portfolio construction. 


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