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Top 10 Market Structure Trends for 2020

Trust and human interactions still matter a great deal, but even in those corners of the market where deals are done over the phone, the role of technology is pervasive. Here are our biggest market structure trends to watch in 2020...

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Lessons We Can Learn from the Failure of the Tick Size Pilot Program

Greenwich Blog
September 27, 2018 By: Richard Johnson

The SEC recently announced that the Tick Size Pilot program will expire on September 28th. After two years, various studies have estimated that the cost to investors of this experiment to range from $350mm to $900mm and these costs do not include...

A Case for Asymmetric Speed Bumps in U.S. Equities

Greenwich Blog
August 20, 2018 By: Richard Johnson

Two years after the controversial approval of the IEX exchange, we look at the performance of speed bumps in the US and Canada, and argue that an asymmetric speed bump with a displayed quote, would enhance liquidity provision and improve market...

The most popular instrument during the last credit tightening cycle, the CDS, has yet to recover from changes made in the wake of its crisis. Additionally, efforts to find a substitute have thus far borne little fruit. Much work remains to be done,...


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