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The Future of Banking: Digital Transformation – The Pathway to Profitable Differentiation

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Banking after covid

The Future of Banking: Digital Transformation

Greenwich Report
November 12, 2020 By: Donald M. Raftery

The COVID-19 crisis is accelerating innovation and spurring a new round of technology investments by wholesale banks. Banks’ effectiveness in targeting their IT spending will help separate winners from losers in the post-COVID marketplace.

All Electronic Trading is Not Created Equal

Greenwich Report
October 14, 2020 By: Kevin McPartland

Defining electronic trading matters. It matters not just to market observers, but it matters to the market itself. At a macro level, the continued electronification of the fixed-income market is good for investors, but measuring exactly whom it's...

Rule 606(b)(3) and Beyond

Greenwich Report
October 7, 2020 By: Shane Swanson

Institutional traders have long sought data from their brokers to help validate their best execution decisions. As the markets have evolved, the data underpinning the markets have become richer, deeper and even somewhat daunting.


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